Learning from Place

In this article, the main theme I found was the importance of connecting to the land and nature that we are apart of and that surrounds us. They also mentioned that these connections produce a sense of ‘culture identity’ in individuals. This project that was put on by elders, adults, and youth was to bring back this awareness of the land and reconnect with what was lost when their land was taken from them.

This project consisted of youth interviewing adults, elders, and their peers about the issues around the land, river, and community. This is working towards decolonization because the excursion along the river brought up First Nations people’s language, history, government issues, and management of the land. As they moved along the land, they also brought up renaming and reclaiming the names of places. They would write Cree and bring back the traditional language that was used among First Nations people. These words that were exchanged and written out brings people to have a more connected relationship to the land.

In the classroom, I would adapt these ideas in my own classroom by teaching my students Cree. I would teach them greetings of farewells which could be used every day and teach them the alphabet and numbers. When it comes to being more connected with the land, I would teach students how First Nations people would survive of the land and used things in nature to create tools for survival. That way the students are showing off their creativity and art-making skills while still learning about the history of Indigenous people.

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